Big thanks to Rich Johnston (Nostromo)!

Banjo Sofware:

General Arcade:


Q: How to switch weapons?
A: Tap on monkeyface on hud

Q: How to open the door, call the elevator, push the button?
A: Come to the object and tap on screen

Q: Can I connect iPad and iPhone to play multiplayer?
A: Yes

Q: Cheats?
A: In game 4 fingers tap on screen and keyboard will show up. Then type one of this codes: wuss - toggles God mode; blast - keys, all weapons, full armor and ammo; superman - toggle temporary invincibility; whacko - berserk; walk - toggles clipping; wheream - shows coordinates;

Q: I'm stuck, any walkthrough videos?
A: Watch this

Q: Source code...
A: here

Q: How to contact General Arcade
A: Mail to