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Chasm: The Rift — Major Update #1

Chasm: The Rift — Major Update #1

Official message from SNEG Team:

Last months the team was quite busy working on bringing Chasm: The Rift to consoles and at the same time introducing more tweaks and improvements for PC version. Today it all goes live. In order to celebrate it we are running a 50% promo on the game for Steam gamers.

But what about tweaks? Probably the most important PC update is a SteamDeck compatibility (which will be verified by the Steam team soon), but that’s just one of many. Here is the full list:

– Implemented aim assist feature for controller input.
– Added configurable motion blur post effect into the game.
– Improved controls (e.g. more convenient turning and non-linear acceleration).
– Introduced a new custom difficulty level that allows individually set player damage, enemy damage and a number of spawning enemies based on different difficulty levels.
– Implemented new crosshair configuration (shape, size, color) and improved crosshair preview with animated background.
– Fixes the annoying inaccuracy of crosshair position and hit projection.
– Implemented dynamic protagonist picture, a feature that changes the protagonist’s picture in the in-game HUD in accordance with health and picked-up devices during the game.
– Added the following accessibility configuration options: non-stylized font, non-stylized font color and size and a plain color channel mixer.
– Added Traditional Chinese language support.
– Added the “Continue” option to the main menu. This option loads the latest save slot.
– Improved mods support and prepared a guide to make it easier (friction variable)
– Moved addon levels loading to the main menu for extra levels.
– Improved the load time, all resources are loaded into the RAM.
– Improved “menu” keyboard navigation with additional bindings: W/A/S/D is used for navigation and sidebar configuration, SPACE is used for on/off configuration options.
– Added FPS lock configuration option.

We hope these changes will address some of your requests and make the gaming experience even better.

Thank you for your support.

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